Girl Spanked To Death By Parents


CNN has a great video story about a young girl who was beaten so badly by her parents, that she died. The parents were taking guidance from a book, “To Train Up A Child”, which explains that the children should be trained (beaten) into a happy and well-behaved child.

In Paradise, CA, a small fundamentalist Christian family were living a much more ungodly life than many imagined. In fact, they were featured on the news for doing something so extraordinarily unselfish; They chose to adopt three children from Liberia. Unfortunately, one of those children has died thanks to the abuse that this “noble” couple inflicted on her.

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey says for several hours the 7-year-old was held down by Elizabeth and beaten dozens of times by Kevin on the back of her body which caused massive tissue damage.

Another child that was adopted by the child, was also badly beaten. She was fortunate to have survived, but has asked her adopted parents why they adopted her sister, whom they killed.

These teachings were suppose to make the children submissive and obedient, and were believed to have been what God wanted.

The District Attorney points to a book written by a Tennessee evangelist named Michael Pearl, who the Schatz’s have told police they were following.

Pearl’s website,, suggests “A swift whack with the plastic tubing would sting but not bruise. Give ten licks at a time, more if the child resists.”

People, not just religious, need to not be so blind and not take scripture so literally. Society is consistently changing and sticking to an old school approach of disciplining is ignorant. This, was child abuse. A poor young girl was beaten to death for seven hours, by the people who brought her into their home and intended on helping her. Because of their ignorance and need to impress God, they chose to be extremists and have a child’s life in their hands.


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  1. that’s just horrible

  2. That’s not just horrible it’s MURDER, why the so called mother only got 12 years for this is more than horrible, that little girl was not allowed to live to be 12 years old. I am so very dissapointed in our judicial system, its getting to be to easy to kill our children and get away with it….like Casey Anthony. I don’t care if the jury found her not guilty….we know she did it. If not her…then who? Sick sinful mind who wrote that book and sick sinful people who practice what this okey preaches and teaches….not that I dont like okeys cause I do…but come on people OPEN YOUR EYES TO WHAT GODS WORD REALLY SAYS…DIG A LITTLE DEEPER THAN ONE OLD MANS OPINION

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